wtorek, 25 stycznia 2011

My grandma's sisters and brothers

My great grandma Eleonora (the young lady from the first post) had six daughters and four sons. And it was the last generation with so many children in the family. And I have pictures of most of them, but unfortunately not all. So this time some portraits.
Emilia - she died when she was only 16, because of some complications caused by surgical operation, which are now nothing special to heal. Times change.
Lucyna - though I have never met her, I always felt like I know her - just because my aunt, her daughter looks exactly the same. And, as I have many pictures of her, she always looks, well, deeply sad? exhibiting careful thought?

Bronislawa, who died only three years ago as the last of all of them. For the family just aunt Bronka . Great woman.
Krystyna - one of only few pictures. I remember some visits to her when I was 4 - 7 years old. And I remember I liked her. When her husband died she moved with her daughter to a nearby town. She died in 1990.

Krystyna again (left), and the last sister - Irena. When Lucyna died, she left son and daughter (the aunt I mentioned above). The son was very young and Irena took care of him. She lived together with her mother, my great grandma Eleonora. She was a very warm person and when me and my sister were young we liked to spent time with her. Irena died in 1982.

My grandma had four bothers: Tomasz, Tadeusz, Józef and Czesław. I do not think I ever met any of them. So I knew all living sisters and no brother. Up till now I only found pictures  of Czeslaw, who was a monk and died in Auschwitz nazi camp during IIWW. One is his school picture and one is in a monk suit.

piątek, 14 stycznia 2011

When Jozef met Feliksa

Both Feliksa and Jozef, my maternal grandparents, you could met in my previous posts. Now the moment came when they met, or rather first photos of them together.
So we go back to 1935, carnival time. My grandma  to the right. 

And here Feliksa sitting left, Jozef standing right. Probably they had great ball then. I hope so.

Walking picture taken probably before their wedding. Anyway 1935, Lublin. 
Jozef in student's suit.

And here just married, 22nd of April 1935. Lublin. Jozef in a prison service suit. In 1930s, when you worked in a state service, you shall to wear your suit during wedding. 
Jozef got married in a secret. Then he brought his new wife in front of his mother (Jozef's father, Jan, died in 1928). I do not know her reaction.

And here probably fall of 1935 in Lublin. Then it means that my mother is 'in place' ;-).