niedziela, 30 października 2011

Happened in 1943

Few days ago I went, with my son Michal, to pay my respect to my granddad Jan Zawislak at his grave in Popkowice, small village, where he lived (see one of my first posts). In the same cemetary I found a grave of 12 men died in 1943 in a near village Skorczyce. I took its picture
It would be one of many such stories which happened during the WWII. But my grandparents and my mom (which was 7 years old) lived there and then and my mom still remember the story. It was a typical nazi revenge action - partizans killed a nazi in the village - he lived in a brewery in Popkowice. Probably he was a problem for people. But nazis took a revenge, very not fair one. They set a fire to a building in the nearby village Skorczyce and when villagers came to help, nazis shoot them down.
People made a  great funeral to the victims. Many people from Skorczyce and Popkowice came, also my grandparents with my mom. Though the priest was afraid of nazis, he was also forced to come to make the funeral in a Christian way. Here are two photos taken then, in September 1943.