czwartek, 21 kwietnia 2011

Missed glimpses - part II

This week walking pictures. The weather forecasts looks great for the Easter time this year. I will take my family for a walk to take some walking pictures, but then there is always someone missing - me - the photographer ;-)
Year 1932 - my grandma left, with a friend. I cannot find out the place. I suppose we see the entrance to the Jewish quarter, completly wiped out during WWII

And 1934 - my grandma first from the left, in the background we see the monument (of Polish - Lithuanian Union) still  standing in the center of Lublin. Let's keep smiling

February of 1935. Grandma is right. The guy following her was a husband of Lucyna, her sister, thus I suppose it is Lucyna in the back. Keep smiling
May of 1936 - my grandma. And the girls are looking at this picture taking, also a guy and some other people. I am curious why. It is 1936 and 'walking pictures' is very popular then. What was so unusual then?
1937 - grandma is left. Let's walk. Keep smiling

sobota, 9 kwietnia 2011

Missed glimpses - part I - Feliksa

I still find some old pictures or left them as they did not fit any of my previous posts.
I will present them now.

All three pictures here come from the early 1930s. First one is the walking picture of four ladies.
I like it: different hats and so different and nice ladies' faces. My grandma is second from the left.
I intend to do some postprocessing to this picture in the future.
 And below two pictures taken in 1933. My grandma with her friends. Great time of being young ;-).
Feliksa is standing second from the right

And here Feliks on her knee
It is short this week. Hope to find more time in the future for better posts.