poniedziałek, 28 listopada 2011

Two pics

This week I would like to show two pictures.
First one is a group photo taken in 1930-ies. I am not sure what organization it was - the caps seems different than student caps which can be seen in previous posts. At least I suppose so ;). Maybe someone can help. My grandfather (mom's dad) is marked with a cross over his head.

Second is a typical family photo taken in 1938. My mom is two and looks like a boy because of her short hair. It changed in a year - look at her in 1939 in some previous posts. And I like this photo.

środa, 16 listopada 2011

My dad's mom

I do not know too much about my dad's ancestors. Mainly names and dates of birth and death. Mainly because I have never met most of them, also there are no documents in family archive. Two posts ago I presented a picture of my granfather. Now something about his wife.
My grandmother Michalina Bednarek was born in 1900. She had two sisters and four brothers. I met only two of them.
I also met my grandmother. When my parents were working, she spent with me a lot of time. She lived with us. But she died when I was less then a year old. And I do not remember her. At all.
When she was young she married colonel of the Polish Legions. Unfortunately both her husband and their daughter died because of tuberculosis. I have one picture of my grandma in widows weeds, taken probably about 1930.
I also have a membership card of her brother Wladyslaw, issued in 1925
and pictures of her, probably youngest brother Jozef, in corporal's suit. These pictures were taken in 1938, when he was 22. He and his sister Jadwiga, who died in 2009 were just the only I remember.