sobota, 5 lutego 2011

My grandparents' walks

As nowadays, eighty years ago people spend their spare time walking with friends - to the parks or out of town. They didn't spend their time watching tv, blogging or just exploring web, so meeting with friends was much more popular. Also walking was.
In my archive I found some pictures taken during such walks.
Here my grandma is second from the left. I do not know other women.

And below is a picture taken most probably in the park. My grandpa is standing first from the left, and next to him is my grandma. I suppose the picture was taken before their wedding, so it means 1934 or 1935. Like above no info about other persons, but looking at my grandma and grandpa smiling, they had great time with them.

And here we have the same woman as above walking with a child and my grandparents. Again probably 1934 or 1935.

And again probably the same woman and my grandma in the middle. 
And again somewhere in the country, my grandma on the right and the same woman on the left. So it seems they were good friends, spending a lot of time together.
I will try to find out who she was.

Post scriptum to my post about grandma's sisters and brothers:
During search on net I found some details on arresting of my grandma's brother Czeslaw, who died in Auschwitz during WWII. The most interesting to me was an address of his monastery. Then I found the priests of this exact monastery are on facebook. So via FB they promised me to find out as many details on him as possible, especially I asked for details of his arresting. Just for family memory.   

10 komentarzy:

tony pisze...

I Look Forward To Read More Of Czeslaw's Life. Wonderful Photos.

Kristin pisze...

Do you think the photographs could have been taken on the same day? Sort of amazing that his order is on fb but you never know where you will find information these days!

Alan Burnett pisze...

Those photographs are wonderful : there is something about photographs taken on days out that say so much about leisure in times gone by rather than the serious studio portraits. Be sure to share whatever information you find about Czeslaw with the rest of us.

PLK pisze...

Kristin, you could be right with the same date - especially that we have the same four women on first two pictures. On the other side I could suppose that last two pictures were taken on the other day - there are only three of them. And the third picture - maybe it was taken before joining the other friends. Or just another occasion. Only supposing ;-).

Tattered and Lost pisze...

And imagine, they could go for a walk and never hear a cell phone ring!

barbara and nancy pisze...

They seem to have the same dresses on. At least some of them do. So it probably was the same day.
I can't wait to hear more about Czeslaw. So wonderful that you found the monastery on Facebook. There really are good things about Facebook, after all.

Karen S. pisze...

very interesting and happy they all seem to be in every shot. I especially enjoy the photo of them all walking, smiling and just enjoying life!

Christine H. pisze...

Just as with your last post, I am convinced your family was and is a whole lot of fun to be around.
I hope the priests are able to tell you something about your Great Uncle.

L. D. Burgus pisze...

Your photos are all so great. I like all the stories that came with all those groupie people.

Lisa B pisze...

A wonderful set of photos!