sobota, 9 kwietnia 2011

Missed glimpses - part I - Feliksa

I still find some old pictures or left them as they did not fit any of my previous posts.
I will present them now.

All three pictures here come from the early 1930s. First one is the walking picture of four ladies.
I like it: different hats and so different and nice ladies' faces. My grandma is second from the left.
I intend to do some postprocessing to this picture in the future.
 And below two pictures taken in 1933. My grandma with her friends. Great time of being young ;-).
Feliksa is standing second from the right

And here Feliks on her knee
It is short this week. Hope to find more time in the future for better posts.

5 komentarzy:

Marilyn pisze...

These are lovely photos, everyone is so beautifully dressed and they all look so happy. Your grandmother is gorgeous.

Meri pisze...

They were all so stylish! The suits are really elegant and well-tailored from what I can tell.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy pisze...

These are so great! They are pretty ladies, but I'm glad that we don't have to wear heels everyday now-a-days.

I love the photo of the three kids on the post below too.

Happy Sepia Saturday,

Kathy M.

Tattered and Lost pisze...

Love the clothes, especially the hats. And the "parading" one is wonderful.

Anonimowy pisze...

What beautiful stylish ladies - I love their hats :-) Jo