sobota, 21 maja 2011

A month break  - sorry. I had some new activities in my life which took all my notice. Just a new job.

Now let's take a break in my mom's family. As stated aside of the blog I have very few pictures from my father and decided to present them in next few posts.

My father's dad, grandad Wladyslaw (Vladislav) was born in 1888 (wow). His father Stanislav (my great grandfather) moved to Lublin together with his father (my great great grandfather - I do not know his name). They both were specialists in sugar-mill building and there was a sugar-mill being build in Lublin then (it was closed a year ago).

And I did not find a lot about them and their family. All I know is that my granddad had 3 bros and one sister. One of his brothers moved to Canada in the begining of 20th century. Some people say he had to escape. But why I still try to find. Anyway the family lost any contact with him. - he sent only one postcard in 1940's without his address.

I found in the web that Stanislav married Aleksandra Zbikowski in 1885 (and my grandfather was born 3 years later) in Krasne when the family lived then. And a year later his brother Valentin was also married with Marianna. He moved to US with 5 USD as can be seen on the document found in the web, with a destination of Buffalo. Also in this case the family lost any contact.
Walenty as item 2

It is really a great moment to find a document like that.
I have one picture of my grandpa I really like - it was taken about 1915 so he is 27. He is in a suit of Don Cossack Regiment. I remember that when I was young (he died when I was eight and he lived with us) I loved his evening stories about his service in Cossack Regiment.

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savethephotos pisze...

great photo of your grandfather!

Postcardy pisze...

That's a nice photo. He looks quite proud.

Mike Brubaker pisze...

Beautiful photo with wonderful detail, perfect for identification of military unit. Thank you for the large image.

Tattered and Lost pisze...

That's a stunning uniform. I need to show this to one of my best friend's whose father was a Cossack in the Czar's army before the revolution. This might be a similar uniform.


looking very distinguished in his uniform, most dashing!! and that immigration document is priceless. pity the family got separated...
maybe one day, someone will contact you since you've posted this on the internet.

barbara and nancy pisze...

That is the most fantastic uniform. And he looks wonderful in it.

Kristin pisze...

My maternal grandparents were both born in 1888. Doesn't seem so long ago except when I really think about it. That is a great uniform and I too hope someone will contact you from the other part of your family.

Brett Payne pisze...

That is indeed a wonderful photo - a real Cossack! I wionder if there are still records exisiting in which you could research your grandfather's military service.