piątek, 14 stycznia 2011

When Jozef met Feliksa

Both Feliksa and Jozef, my maternal grandparents, you could met in my previous posts. Now the moment came when they met, or rather first photos of them together.
So we go back to 1935, carnival time. My grandma  to the right. 

And here Feliksa sitting left, Jozef standing right. Probably they had great ball then. I hope so.

Walking picture taken probably before their wedding. Anyway 1935, Lublin. 
Jozef in student's suit.

And here just married, 22nd of April 1935. Lublin. Jozef in a prison service suit. In 1930s, when you worked in a state service, you shall to wear your suit during wedding. 
Jozef got married in a secret. Then he brought his new wife in front of his mother (Jozef's father, Jan, died in 1928). I do not know her reaction.

And here probably fall of 1935 in Lublin. Then it means that my mother is 'in place' ;-).

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Kristin pisze...

I like the walking photographs so much. It's such a nice idea to have your photo taken just on the spur of the moment. I hope your grandfather's mother was happy about the marriage. Or was at least welcoming to your grandmother!

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy pisze...

Wonderful photos. All kinds of stories come to mind. Some reminders of movies I have seen. A great post.

Pat transplanted to MN pisze...

They are very handsome photos of two lovely people. How nice that you have these from before their marriage walking along. They appear to have remained in step a long time! Wonderful.

imagespast pisze...

I love the dress in the walking photograph - a very stylish lady in all your pictures :-)

Nancy pisze...

I love the walking pictures. They look so very happy in all of them. What does "in place" mean?

Alan Burnett pisze...

Another great post. I am so enjoying following the fascinating story of your family. Great photographs and interesting descriptions.

mouse (aka kimy) pisze...

this is the first time i've visited, i look forward to coming back when i have some more time and catching up

loved reading about your family history and the photos are wonderful so many smiles despite all that was happening around them in terms of the world's history. love makes people smile!

PLK pisze...

Just to be clear about that my mother was 'in place' (sorry for my English ;)) - I meant that my grandma had been already pregnant

Nancy pisze...

Hi. I wondered if that's what "in place" meant. It's not your English. I think it's just an idiom. They don't translate well from one language to another. Thanks for answering.

Nancy pisze...

What a wonderful series of photos. They tell such an interesting story. And they do look so happy all through them. I was also wondering what "in place" meant and then it came to me. It's a perfect way of saying it. I think I'm going to add it to my vocabulary.

L. D. Burgus pisze...

You have a nice collection of photos of them. It is great that you can pretty much date them. I like seeing the different uniforms.


the ball pictures are lovely, but i must say that april 1935 picture, well, they look like a very classy couple. liking it!!
thanx 4 sharing!!

Life Goes On pisze...

I am curious to find out what you are saying in polish after Sepia Saturday. Tried to find out on the internet but did not get much help. Especially want to know what
członków is. My maiden name was Zion and could this be how my name was spelt before they came to the united states.
my family blog is www.myfamilyrootsrundeep.com and if you could let me know through that or my email address I would love to hear. grace

Matt pisze...

My last name is "Feliksa" and our family has no knowledge of our relatives past my great-grandpa, Carl ("Karl?")Feliksa. He immigrated to Canada then settled in the Detroit, Michigan area. Do you know of any connections?