niedziela, 26 grudnia 2010

Xmas Sepia

Xmas time is so special, that I decided not to continue my family story this week, but jump to the only older Xmas photos I have. Next time the story will be back, I promise.

The pictures were taken as slides during Christmas Eve in, most probably 1967 (my sister looks 3 years old). Unfortunately the slides were very 'grainy'. They were taken in my family flat. As you can see below, we spent them with my maternal grandparents and my uncle Jan, their son and my mother's brother. The grandparents are the same, which you can see in my two previous posts. As far as I remember we were spending eve either at our flat or at my grandparents'. Usually with more family members, but a year before my greatgrandmother (mother of grandma) died and in the begining of 1967 my dad's father also died (he lived with us). 

I suppose that no special comment is required. Maybe only that the first and third pictures show my father Lechoslaw, second and fourth my uncle Jan (now living in US). The young girl is my sister Malgorzata, and I am that boy of six. My mother and grandparents can be seen on all of the pictures.

Xmas tree is not very impressive. Most probably it was very hard to get any Xmas tree at all at that time.

All my best to you all.

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i much like the 3rd picture as the directionality of their stare differs from one to the other, making it more interesting. thanx 4 sharing!!
season's greetings!!

Tattered and Lost pisze...

I especially love the third one. The little boy, you, show so much anticipation while the adults, except for your mother, simply seem bored. It's a really fun photo.

Karen S. pisze...

Great photos, my favorite things are the balloons, like they have lamp shades under them....and what beautiful Christmas tree memories! Thanks!