czwartek, 21 kwietnia 2011

Missed glimpses - part II

This week walking pictures. The weather forecasts looks great for the Easter time this year. I will take my family for a walk to take some walking pictures, but then there is always someone missing - me - the photographer ;-)
Year 1932 - my grandma left, with a friend. I cannot find out the place. I suppose we see the entrance to the Jewish quarter, completly wiped out during WWII

And 1934 - my grandma first from the left, in the background we see the monument (of Polish - Lithuanian Union) still  standing in the center of Lublin. Let's keep smiling

February of 1935. Grandma is right. The guy following her was a husband of Lucyna, her sister, thus I suppose it is Lucyna in the back. Keep smiling
May of 1936 - my grandma. And the girls are looking at this picture taking, also a guy and some other people. I am curious why. It is 1936 and 'walking pictures' is very popular then. What was so unusual then?
1937 - grandma is left. Let's walk. Keep smiling

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Tattered and Lost pisze...

Wonderful images!

I imagine they had the same sort of photographer in Europe that we had her in the US. A photographer would photograph someone walking down the street then hand them a card telling them where they could buy the photo. I've found many over the years at flea markets. The people are always caught in stride. Sometimes smiling, sometimes just looking confused.

Brett Payne pisze...

Great street photographs from the heyday of walking pictures, thank you for sharing them. They seem to have sucha different character from photographs taken by family and friends.

Postcardy pisze...

Interesting collection of walking pictures. I wish I had some of my family like that.

Karen S. pisze...

I remember these lovely oh so happy ladies! Happy Easter!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy pisze...

What an awesome topic; I never would have thought of that. I enjoyed all of your pictures, but especially the one of the happy 4 ladies walking and laughing/smiling.

Happy Sepia Saturday, and wishes for a blessed weekend!

Kathy M.

PS - I re-posted my SS link. If you had a hard time seeing it the first time around, I'm sorry.

Meri pisze...

Lovely smiles. . beautiful young women.

Kristin pisze...

These ladies are really stepping out. they are not just slowly walking along, they are moving! love these photos.

barbara and nancy pisze...

I always love your "walking pictures".

MuseSwings pisze...

The 30's seems to be the era of walking pictures around the world! I have a walking picture of my grandparents - and didn't realize what it was until very recently. Thank you for sharing your wonderful candid shots. Enjoy your Easter - and keep smiling!

imagespast pisze...

Lovely photos - keep walking, keep smiling :-) Jo