piątek, 11 marca 2011

My mom Iza - part II

Last week I presented first two years of my mom's life - till she lived in Sambor with my grandparents. May 1938 they moved to Pleszew - smaller town, then Polish and in Ukraine nowadays. But let's start with two photos I like but I do not exactly know when and where they were taken.
And this week the post is quite short. Next week I will add more pictures of my mom till September 1939.
My mama in pyjama - suppose 1938
My mom with her parents, Jozef and Feliksa

And above one more picture stlii from 1936 from Sambor - my grandma with her friend and my mom

And below three pictures from Pleszew (how to pronounce it? ;-))
My mom riding - spring 1938

Which one is faster? A horse or a motorbike? (Mom in a back)

For comparison - my grandma with the same motorcycle

12 komentarzy:

imagespast pisze...

She's very cute - and daring on the motorcycle! :-)

barbara and nancy pisze...

Love the photo of your grandma on the motor bike. She looks a little awkward - like she really would never really ride that thing. It's a great photo.

Marilyn pisze...

What wonderful photos; your mother is lovely but your grandmother is simply gorgeous, especially the photo of her with the bike.

Bob Scotney pisze...

Lovely photos to have; your mother is a year older than me. I have a vague memory of a cushion like that in her first picture. How simple and well designed was the rocking horse.

Postcardy pisze...

All of your pictures are really nice.

I don't know much about European history, but I think it is interesting how the country boundaries changed.

Melissa, Unboxer of Photos pisze...

I love the fact that there are smiles on the faces in every photo. Too often subjects in older photos are so serious.

Howard pisze...

Wonderful pictures. The motorcycle pictures are particularly good and would definitely be of interest to motorcycle enthusiasts, I think they are quite rare.

barbara and nancy pisze...

I love the first picture of your mom in her pyjamas. She was so cute!
I'll be looking forward to next week- I was born in 1939 in September.

Anna pisze...

Those are wonderful pictures, what a beautiful family!

Tattered and Lost pisze...

So adorable! LOVE the first shot and the motorcycle shot. Wonderful!

Alan Burnett pisze...

I always treasure your posts because they show a distinctive European view of the 1920s and 30s. Of course, there are clear trends and similarities to photographs from the same time from the USA and Britain, but there is an atmosphere, a style maybe, that remains distinct.

~Tracie~ pisze...

Beautiful post, I love the first photo of your mom ( in her Pj's)