czwartek, 3 marca 2011

My mom Iza

Though I have some photos from ealier years I still need to find more info about persons presented there. Thus I decided to show my mom early years.
My mom is a daughter of Jozef and Feliksa, presented here several times, together with their families. She was born in 1936, her godfather being Czeslaw from my post below. First I present some pictures taken in 1936 in Sambor, where Jozef i Feliksa stayed then. Jozef worked there in a prison service so he took his new wife with him. And Sambor is a small town, till 1939 in Poland, then taken by Soviet Union, now in Ukraine.
They stayed in Sambor till May, 1938 when Jozef was moved to nearby Pleszewo to take a position of a Chief of Pleszewo Prison.

All pictures below were taken in Sambor, or rather its neibourhood.
First picture taken in 1936

Also 1936 - my grandmom and my mom

1937 - I suppose happy time for a kid

1937 - Jozef, Iza and Feliksa

1937 - Feliksa nad Iza

1937 - Iza and maybe her lovely toy

1937 - Feliksa with Iza - fantastic baby - carriage

1937 - sweet lying on the grass
1937 - winter time - sledge of the type which is still sold in Poland, though not so popular nowadays - 80 years ago
They stayed in Sambor till May, 1938 when Jozef was moved to nearby Pleszewo to take a position of a Chief of Pleszewo Prison - I've got an original document. So next week I present second part of a short, happy time of my mom's childhood.

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tony pisze...

Ah ! I have so many happy memories of Polish summers.But your wonderful photos also include the contrast of the severe winters.
Wonderful photos.
Thank You.

Bob Scotney pisze...

It is not often that we get the chance to see events like this for one year. Interesting pram and sledge; but the star is your mother.

Marilyn pisze...

Wonderful photos, your mother is gorgeous and your photos show a childhood in a different country and era. So very interesting.

Tattered and Lost pisze...

She's adorable and looks like a little doll.

Karen S. pisze...

Your Mother was a darling little girl! I really liked her little bird stuffed toy, and the stroller was really unique...what a group of nice family photos, showing happy times for all!

Christine H. pisze...

Iza was obviously adored by her parents. It looks like a lovely, carefree childhood.

Pat transplanted to MN pisze...

These are wonderful photos of a happy time for all for certain. My favorite is the one with the sled and what appear to be tassel balls from the belt on her coat. So charming. The carriage is different too. A nice mix of a pretty baby in a family.

whowerethey pisze...

It is obvious that they loved each other. Thank you for sharing this peek into your family.

Alan Burnett pisze...

Another fine collection of photographs. When I started reading Tony's comment I mis-read it as "Ah, I have so many happy memories of Polish prisons!" But there again, he comes from Hebden Bridge and they are odd folk up there.

L. D. Burgus pisze...

They are all wonderful photos sharing their joy of their daughter. Interesting read.