piątek, 10 grudnia 2010

My second Sepiaday

It took me some time to decide what to show next. I still have a lot old pictures in my family archive and hope to get more.
So this time I will go directly to the young years of my grandmom, the daughter and granddaughter of the two ladies presented the previous week.
My greatgrandmom Eleonora had 10 children: 6 daughters and 4 sons. My grandmom Feliksa was born in 1913. Her oldest picture is dated 1926. She played in a primary school theater - her role was a mother and, as an oldest one, she is sitting in the middle. 
Next picture was taken in her secondary school in 1930. She is sitting as first from the left.
Next are two photos I like. My grandmom was probably 17 - 20 years old then. 

In 1930s it was very popular to take photos while walking in the main street. I suppose there were many photographers who were proposing people they would take their photo and thus earning their lifes. In my archive I have a lot such photos. First presented was taken in 1935 in Sambor. My grandmom first from the left. I love the man's top-hat, which seems so funny nowadays. You can see poor, shoesless girl to the left.
Next picture shows my grandmom (left) with a friend in 1934. It was taken in Lublin.
Next picture is from Sambor 1934, which was taken from Poland after Second World War. My grandmom first left. My grandfather worked there then (one of next weeks ;-)) 
And the last 'walking photo' of my grandmom. Taken in Lublin in 1933. I know the place - the buildings remained the same - maybe look better now, the gate stands straight. Main street in Lublin. 200 m further is the palce, where second 'walking picture' was taken. As my wife said, both coats and shoes might be in a fashion nowadays.

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daylily (Queenmothermamaw) pisze...

Wonderful post. That is about the same age group my mom was in. She was born in 1913. Great job.

Alan Burnett pisze...

All the pictures are absolutely wonderful, but that first one is just spectacular. One so wants to know the story behind it, what occasion it was, what was being acted out. Your photos and your description give us all such an insight into both a time and a society that is far from our experience. On behalf of all Sepia Saturdayers, thank you.

Kristin pisze...

I especially like the first one too. All those little boys with beards and big sticks and your mother in the middle looking so serious.

Barbara pisze...

I just love your "walking" pictures!
What a great series.

Nancy pisze...

This is only the 2nd time I've heard of walking pictures - an interesting type of photo. Yours are such fun. The first time I learned of them was at Brett's Photo Sleuth blog, this post: http://photo-sleuth.blogspot.com/2010/07/spotlight-photos-ltd-walking-pictures.html. Thanks for sharing these great photos!

PLK pisze...

Thank you all for all the comments. To Alan: I do not know the occasion, neither my mom does. But I know what was acted out. It was the ballad "The Return Of Father" by Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz, published in 1822. The story is about awaiting the return of father by his children. The father is a merchant and because he is late the children go to the cross on the hill to pray for his happy return. When they are praying the father returns, but at the same time the bandits comes out, which want to take his goods and kill him. (I suppose that boys with beards and sticks played these bandits). Thanks to merchant's children the boss of bandits spare him his life. The most impressive moment, as I remember from childhood, was when merchant says 'thanks' to the boss of bandits, and he answers: do not thank me, thank your children. It was one of the best ballads in Polish, meaning impressive language.

To Kristin: my grandmother ;-)

To Nancy: great to know, that expression 'walking photo', which I created while writing the post, was created earlier by native English speakers. (I started to follow the blog you wrote about). So I hope my English is communicative to you all.

Pat transplanted to MN pisze...

I am not posting to Sepia this week but reading only; I am most interested in these photos because of my Polish heritage. I had not heard of walking photos but you are fortunate to have them and I love tha you share them here. Magnificent photos, every one


wonderful collection of pictures. fortunate that you have those. and those kids in the play, with their fake moustaches is too hilarious!!!

L. D. Burgus pisze...

This is a great group of photos. The progression was great to follow and the quality of the photos are wonderful. Great looking blog I might add.