piątek, 17 grudnia 2010

Sepia Saturday - my third input

As I decided earlier - each week I will show one part of my family history. So I choosed my maternal grandfather for this week.
Jozef was born in 1910 in Lublin county.
His father, my greatgrandfather Jan was an organist in a village Popkowice, Lublin county, graduated in music at Kiev University. I have only this one picture of him.
My grandfather oldest picture comes from his graduation certificate from secondary school from 1931. Then he looked like below:
After secondary school he served an army. Below the picture from 1932. My grandfather first from the left.

Here are two pictures of him being a student of Catholic University of Lublin - please notice a characteristic cap on his head. First is a 'walking' photo. Both were taken in 1934 in Lublin. Here second from the left, next picture in the middle.
Last for this post (as I decided to close this week before my granddad met my grandmom) is a picture of his sister, Zofia, who was a school teacher. This is the young girl to the right, with long hair. What is also interesting in the picture is the guy there. I do not know the year, when the picture was taken, but there are teachers and a school master in Warszawice, small town in Garwolin county. And this guy, the school master, is Piotr Jaroszewicz (check the link). After second world war he was a communist politician, in1970 -80 he was a 'red' prime minister of Poland.

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Bob Scotney pisze...

You have some fine pictures of your grandfather. He had an impressive moustache.
You link to Piotr Jaroszewicz was interesting too. I didn't realised he had been murdered.

Marilyn pisze...

What wonderful photos, everyone of them is a treasure.

Tattered and Lost pisze...

Love the shot of them walking down the street. And I've finally been able to look at last weeks post and see there to a shot of people walking.

There's something interesting about photos of people walking, smiling. A moment in motion caught. They all look very happy.

Pat transplanted to MN pisze...

Very interesting, I especially liked the army photo on the horses. I had heard mention of Piotor, the link was interesting.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy pisze...

I loved the entire post. I am a sucker for anything European. Of course have English and Welsh and Irish ancestors. Blessings

Nancy pisze...

I can see the family resemblance between Zofia and Josef. I like the walking photo and the last one with of Zofia and her friends. Great post. Thanks for sharing.


interesting selection and nice to have information that go well beyond the photograph itself.

Alan Burnett pisze...

Once again - a wonderful insight into life and history in your part of the world which adds so much to our understanding. Thanks so much for joining in Sepia Saturday.