sobota, 26 marca 2011

My mom Iza - part IV

So we came to hot summer of 1939, last days before WWII. The international situation was getting hot and my grandpa Jozef was called-up to the army. He moved his family near their family town Lublin to a village Ostrow (or it was rather a very small town). He left his wife and daughter with her sister Lucyna (see the post from January 25th). 
The first picture shows both sisters with their daughters - left is Feliksa with my mom, right is Lucyna with Hanna, born 1938. As I wrote in the previously mentioned post Hanna, my aunt, resembles her mother very much.
From the left: grandma Feliksa, mom Iza, my aunt Hanna and her mother Lucyna
Left Hanna, right Iza
In front of the village house - first from the left is Lucyna's husband, sitting in the middle Lucyna with Hanna,
sitting at the bottom my mom and Feliksa. I do not know the other people.

And here my grandpa Jozef already in the army suit - suppose last moment before he left his wife and daughter.
My mom seems sad that dad is leaving. Grandpa is smiling. What was behind? Real soldier or just a smile for good memories in any bad case? Nobody can tell now.

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barbara and nancy pisze...

What nice photos of a very troubling time. They look so happy in that last photo but I can imagine how worried and scared they were.
Ladies of the grove

Tattered and Lost pisze...

Such a lovely bow in her hair. All putting on a good front except for her. She is wary of the situation, confused. She's such a sweet little doll.

Mike Brubaker pisze...

Wonderful photos of special people. Thank you for the stories.

Betsy pisze...

Little Hanna is just adorable with that blonde hair! The last photo is so very sweet!

Marilyn pisze...

Your photos are always so lovely and this set is just as lovely as the others. How very sad for your grandfather to go off and leave them behind. These were very sad and frightening times for everyone.

Alan Burnett pisze...

The combination of brief explanations and photographs that seem to be so full of information is wonderful - like reading a richly illustrated personal history book.

Bob Scotney pisze...

The pictures and the story of your family never ceases to amaze me. You have so much information linked to the photos. A fascinating history.